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IYCWorld Softinfrastructure Pvt. Ltd.

IYCWorld Softinfrastructure Pvt. Ltd., founded in 2001, pioneered technology-led 'Whole School Transformation'(WST) in 2003. Most probably it is still peerless, globally. The genesis of WST is the acknowledgement that education - the most knowledge intensive of all human endeavours - will witness the most disruptive change due to the Knowledge Infrastructure - the Internet. Expectedly, our services help schools re-engineer their processes and resources in the context of the contemporary societal needs, imperatives, trends etc. In other words, we are a world-leading educational technology organization, galvanising the transition of the current (industrial society) schools to knowledge society schools.


“MENTORING MILLION MINDS” is a platform for academically talented and hardworking children under the aegis of PanIIT Alumni India with micro-progress measurement and reporting.


Vardhnam Consulting is an initiative driven by an entrepreneurial spirit and led by professionals who have proven expertise in Organizational Development & Change Management with a focus on “people” processes. It is led by a team of enterprising MBA and M Psy HRDM professionals from reputed institutes who have handled key managerial functions in organizations across Public, Private and Multinational Setting. The Core Team brings in the knowledge, diversity and hands-on practical experience to understand and relate to the real-life organizational issues.


V4Advnture.com is an initiative by a group of professionals with the vision to create a platform for every individual of any age to connect and explore the beauty of nature by doing outdoor sports and activities. V4Adventure.com is the destination for people who believe in “Live the life of your dreams”.

At V4Adventure.com, professionals have hands-on exposure at national and international platforms in both indoor and outdoor activities of various kinds like corporate trainings linked with adventure activities, School camps exploring the essence of nature leading towards fitness at all fronts.V4Adventure.com is committed to provide the excellence in services and ensure the safety therefore professionals are certified in the fields like Physio advisory, Counseling, Traditional Magic, Climbing, Survival Tactics, Biking and Wildlife.

They also hold certifications like Basic and Advanced Rock-climbing and Mountaineering from NIM, Basic Emergency Care Course from AIIMS- New Delhi. We provide certified world class gears for expeditions and various adventure activities.

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